The beginning

It's currently early August and I'm in my office at 4:56 am because I couldn't sleep. It's not uncommon for my racing mind to pull me from my slumber a few minutes or even an hour before my alarm goes off at 5:00 am. 

Early to bed, early to rise, makes the soul healthy, wealthy and wise. Either that or I have a sleep disorder. 

I'm here today to begin working on a new project. One that I hope will be as fun for me as it is for anyone who stumbles upon this site. The project is the site itself. You may or may not know from the domain name what this site is all about. It's about spicing up your life. It will start with spicy foods and hot sauce, but one never knows where digitally born projects end up. 

I'm building this site primarily because I love spicy foods. I love hot sauce and use it to spice up a boring meal, which most healthy meals are, or for the adrenaline rush of going way up the Scoville scale with ghost peppers and extracts. My best friend and I like to eat spicy food for sport. When traveling or even around our respective neighborhoods, we like to find restaurants that claim to serve "really spicy" foods and see what they're all about. Typically the food vehicle of choice is buffalo wings or wings for the true fan, but we're open to exploring spicy foods of all types. Hopefully, locations and review of some of our favorite and future restaurants find their way to this site so others can take advantage of our experiences. The good and the bad are all fun. 

There is a lot of content out there, and many places to buy hot sauce. Aspirationally I will add my own research and insights to the Scoville world one day, but for now, I'll narrow the focus. 

First and foremost I want this site to be useful and easy to use. What does that mean? I'll aggregate and curate a few of my favorite resources so you can easily find them here. I'll also round up my favorite hot sauces and spicy food products the best I can. Many of the websites on places to buy hot sauce online, even Amazon, are brutal. Just terrible web design and checkout experiences. For all hot sauce lovers out there, I promise to fix this. If you can't tap a few buttons and order some hot sauce from your phone while you commute home from work, or from the serenity of your porcelain throne, then I still have work to do. 

This site is where hot sauce lovers, true Scoville Seekers, can find a few awesome personally vetted hot sauces to buy, spicy food recipes, reviews and links to other great hot sauce sites, and other related goodness so that your days and weekends are jammed pack with spicy adventures. 

I'll see you out there.